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Millennium Motorized

Back tilting opening mechanism with following rolling.

A great achievement by our technicians allows you to enjoy the best that technology can provide in the motorized movement field.

The seat and back upholsteries of the manual version can be used also in the motorized version.

The electronic component and the engine  are positioned on both sides of the frame  for which it is necessary to leave a space of only 6 cm. on each side. This space will be obtained in the inner part of the armrest.

The movement comes by pushing a button on the cable remote control or wireless (on request).

For security reasons a sound warning is enabled as standard.

The powerful engines with the latest generation technology in a few seconds bring the sofa from the closed to open position and vice versa.

On request battery power supply is also available.

For all users, we provide a technical handbook.


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Millennium motorized

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