Revolving mechanisms


Moon standard

A sophisticated and revolutionary sofabed mechanism, internationally patented, that allows to obtain two overlapped beds, thanks to a practice, combined revolving opening of the superior bed (mattress 80x190x12) and to a frontal sliding of the lower bed (mattress 75x188x12). The superior bed is provided of protection railings and innovative anti-closing system: with removable key bolt block and release handle. The ladder is incorporated and its movement brings automatically the front railing to its function. The refined material used, the harmony and the lines of the support levers, the chromed details and the fluidity in the opening make this product elegant and unique of its kind. This mechanism rises from an in depth research and study particularly aimed to an use on extremely limited spaces like cruise ships, residences, chalets, hotels,  second houses, practically in all those situations needing the maximum space exploitation. Projected, studied and built in the only optics to strength, give stability and extreme safety to the user when the mechanism is open but also a comfortable and elegant solution when the sofabed is closed. The measures of the mechanisms are 210×91, while the ones in the opening position are 210x118x138 of height in the highest point. High resistant steel structure, oven painting with grey epoxy powders, bed structure with large slates (cm. 20) in evaporated beech wood lodged in special blue supports, aluminum chromed joints.


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Divano Letto MOON by StemaGroup Srl on Vimeo