Revolving mechanisms


Sprint BP 37

Back tilting opening mechanism with following rolling.

Fixed seatcushions. Pillows stored in the back space.

Assembling unit bayonetswelded onto the frame.

Orthopedic bedspring with plastic ergonomicsupports and with belted seat.

Polyurethane foam mattress (length cm.200 – height cm. 14).

Highly resistant steel structure, furnace painted inepoxy powders. Available in charcoal grey.

Aesthetic leg with a newdesign.

The series of back tilting products is enlarged and completed by a newproduct. The system has been studied to offer a dynamic sofa bedextremely easy to open and close. The real difference can be seen in thetechnological research in the mechanical field that guarantees the mostflexibility and versatility in the choice of the model, in the obstruction and in the dimension, giving more freedom to the aesthetical possiblechoices of the finished product.




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