Revolving mechanisms


Star 37

A product which has been added to Stema program in line with the consistent success obtained by the model Star, technically unexceptionable, but more essential without notching the substantial quality of the product for facilitating  its more rapid and extensive introduction in the market.

The dimensions, similar to the ones of the model Star, allow the compatibility of the stuffing. The facility of function, the various optional backs, among which also the one which allows the lodging of the pillows, and the excellent mattress make it particularly adapt to a daily domestic use, and it also proposes itself as an excellent sofabed solution for hotel utilization. Frontal unroll opening mechanism by simply tilting the back.

Fixed seat cushioning. Different backs for different executions. Pre-welded bayonets on the frame for easy assembling.

Electrically welded orthopedic bedspring available also with normal and large wooden slats and with beltedseat.  Spring mattress by 18×200 or foam mattress by 16×200 cm. Highly resistant steel structure. Oven painting in epoxy powders. Color aluminum grey.


Exclusive Stema® patent registered in Europe


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